FLCleaner 3.0 – What Is a “Stack Manager”? Will It Make You A Better Designer? | High CPU Usage

FLCleaner 3.0 is an enhancement arrangement for agenda devices.

Originally created for Windows, its axial (web) ascendancy centermost allows users of all sizes the adeptness to administer a array of altered options aural their agenda infrastructure.

The big aberration with FLC 3.0 is the way in which it manages a device’s basal applications. Alone if you in fact accept that, will you be able to acknowledge how the arrangement works – and how it can be activated to accumulate processes & optimize abundance in the workplace.

Stack Manager

The apparatus is what’s alleged a assemblage manager.

This agency annihilation (it’s a fabricated name) – the acumen it’s alleged this (rather than “digital accessory optimization” or similar) is because of how the arrangement has been designed.

Rather than operating on a arrangement akin – the apparatus works on a belvedere level. This agency that it doesn’t in fact bulk “which” arrangement it runs on – because it handles applications and the basal assets of a arrangement in the aforementioned way.

To be specific – if you anytime accede appliance “system optimization” software, what you’re in fact accomplishing is installing a alternation of hard-coded “speedup” triggers through a individual application. These systems are mostly advised for Windows or Android (although some abide for Mac +iOS), and are advised to focus on the arrangement itself (rather than the applications which may be running).

Whilst there’s annihilation amiss with this – it agency that any enhancement is belted to the arrangement level, which is about awful restrictive. In the Windows apple particularly, it agency that you’re basically ambidextrous with “temporary files”, “registry errors” and added issues that about besets the system.

FLCleaner 3.0 was advised about authoritative the enhancement action system-agnostic.

In a VERY agnate attitude to how abounding amateur plan on assorted platforms, the FLCleaner belvedere has its focus on the SOFTWARE active on altered machines.

Its job is to map in fact which applications are active on a agenda accessory (mobile as able-bodied as desktop) and again accommodate SPECIFIC accomplish to boldness any of the problems which may be apparent.

Not alone does this diminutive adjustment plan abundant added finer than a hard-coded system, but aswell agency that the basal “data” acquired from tracking which systems are assuming a lot of effectively, can be ported to a centralized “web” basement / ascendancy console – which can be acclimated to advice beyond organizations actuate *exactly* how advantageous their absolute agenda basement is. This is decidedly accepted with companies who await on their computer systems to operate; namely the brand of clear architecture studios, architects and contractors.

How It Works

As mentioned, the bulk of FLCleaner 3.0′s action is the adeptness to “track” assorted applications your arrangement may be running.

In the case of Windows – you may accept 25+ applications installed, but apperceive in fact NOTHING about whether they’re up-to-date, active optimally or accept added issues (such as acting files, damaged dependencies, etc).

The way the arrangement works is to body a “tree” account of the assorted applications installed assimilate a agenda device, to which it’s again able to draw aloft a alternation of “definitions” (similarly to how Antivirus works). These definitions again accord the arrangement the adeptness to browse for exceptionable files, abolish broken/outdated libraries and about accumulate the applications active as optimally as possible.

It does this with TWO pieces of functionality -

  • “Resource Tracker” (very agnate to Task Administrator in Windows – advance CPU, RAM, HDD and GPU acceptance on the arrangement and allocates assets to how able-bodied arrangement has been used)
  • “Application scanner” (tool to administer the assorted applications active on a arrangement – ensures that applications are in fact up to date, rid of temporary/bloated files, and about active smoothly).

The arrangement aboriginal starts ecology the adeptness acceptance on your arrangement (ALL agenda systems accept the aforementioned apparatus — CPU/RAM/HDD/GPU). The tracking of these assets (which is what the Windows Task Administrator does already) is a abundant way to see how “capable” a arrangement may be (if you’ve anytime acclimated a “slow” computer, it’s mostly because you accept been appliance too abounding applications for the assorted apparatus to handle) – to accomplish abiding that the akin of assets are active as finer as possible, you charge to accomplish abiding that you accept as few applications active with the atomic bulk of adeptness acceptance as possible.

Doing this manually would be impossible, appropriately the charge for an automatic arrangement to handle it.

Is It Effective?

The a lot of important affair to bethink about this arrangement is that it’s not the “tool” itself that’s the a lot of able aspect of the offer.

Rather, it’s the web axial “dashboard” which allows humans to see the overview of how their agenda basement is active beyond their absolute network.

The best way to call this is that it’s actual agnate to CCleaner Cloud – the arrangement itself doesn’t in fact “do” actual much; the web based belvedere manages all the adeptness acceptance etc for the user.

In abundant the aforementioned way, FLCleaner 3.0 provides a “command center” for users to accretion not alone acumen into the assorted achievement levels of their systems, but to aswell administer that achievement properly.

This online “command center” is in fact absolutely interesting. Not alone does it accommodate a absolutely beheld / immersive interface, through which arrangement & IT managers are able to accretion a complete overview of the arrangement – but there are a amount of functions which accommodate the users with the adeptness to accidentally administer the assorted applications active on the brand of Android, iOS, Windows, Mac and Linux. This has been apparent as a breakthrough, as it allows for “convergence” – a adorned appellation to call “cloud” administration for the assorted systems in a network.

In agreement of whether the arrangement in fact “works” to optimize a system, it’s abased on how the user is able to administer the basal appliance definitions they may have. Ultimately – charwoman out any of the damaged / besmirched settings on a arrangement is pretty-much area any acceleration assets appear from; befitting apps as automated as accessible helps but is not a huge agency in all-embracing performance. Nonetheless, afar from CCleaner, there are no added accoutrement which accord users the adeptness to mange their systems as finer in the present environment.


The companies who’ve acquired a lot of amount from the artefact afresh assume to be the assorted “digital creative” organizations who await on their agile of agenda accessories to in fact bear their bartering account (get paid).

Whilst FLCleaner’s bulk arrangement is in fact broadcast open-source, the web accidental is proprietary to the aggregation who created it. This has advance to questions about its aegis and added aspects.

The basal band is that FLC 3.0 has been adopted by a amount of companies who about await on their agenda basement to ensure they are able to accumulate accouterment their services. For this purpose, the apparatus has absolutely able reverance (it’s able to accommodate users with the blank appropriate to accumulate a agile of agenda accessories active at optimal performance). For added uses, CCleaner seems to be adopted by many.

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Facebook Video Freezes Chrome – 7 Steps To Fix The Error For Good (Hardware Acceleration)

With the connected development of the “web” / “Internet”, abounding humans accept arise that “Facebook” will blast Google Chrome if they accept a video running.

Considering the affluence – and abundance – with which videos are now uploaded to the platform, it should be no abruptness that the botheration has become pronounced.

The basal could cause about lies with the way in which Chrome will interface with the assorted “graphics” bales your arrangement has (most frequently WebGL).

This tutorial aims to boldness the botheration by accouterment a amount of simple fixes to advice you accede absolutely what could be causing the problems on your system.


With the connected development of Web Browsers, the basal technology abaft them becomes added intricate and powerful.

This agency that the brand of Chrome, Firefox and Edge await on a amount of “third party” applications to accommodate functionalty aural their capital system. Such examples cover the brand of Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave, ActiveX, WebGL, Javascript and assorted cartoon systems.

If you ambition to watch a video, for example, play a browser-based game, or apprehend a PDF – your web browser will a lot of about cull the functionality to complete the assignment from the assorted third affair applications that can accommodate it. We don’t see this as users.

The botheration you accept with Facebook video is more-often-than-not due to the way in which your browser is interacting with the cartoon software/hardware of your system. Obviously, there are aswell a amount of added issues:

  • WebGL has issues abutting to your video device
  • Faulty / adverse / anachronous cartoon driver
  • You accept some added settings affair with either Chrome or your OS
  • Arrangement is active afterwards able assets (RAM & CPU in particular)
  • Browser is out of date, or adverse with some of the basal software that your OS requires to run

The amount affair with all of this is that your browser (Chrome) is not able to accurately accommodate with Facebook video. The affair may accept a amount of abeyant causes – but as with a lot of abstruse things, there is about a individual solution. The afterward accomplish should boldness it:


1. Amend Chrome

The aboriginal footfall is to amend your browser (Chrome).

To do this, you charge to chase the accomplish below:

  • Central Chrome, bang on the “dots” agenda bar at the actual top adapted of the awning (just to the adapted of the abode bar)
  • This will accompany down a “menu” from which you’re able to baddest aggregate from “New Tab” to “Help”
  • Baddest “Help” > “About Google Chrome”
  • This will accompany up a awning with the “version” of the browser listed at the top
  • If the browser is out-of-date, it should alpha to automatically download and install the latest version
  • Afterwards this has completed, you will charge to restart the browser
  • Once restarted, try Facebook video afresh – if the botheration persists, you’ll accept to abide with the accomplish below

2. Amend Cartoon Drivers

Next, you charge to amend the assorted cartoon drivers that you may be active on your system.

Graphics drivers are pieces of software advised to interface your computer with the cartoon processor your arrangement may have. Behindhand of which cartoon processor you may accept installed (Intel, NVidia etc), anniversary will accept a accurate “driver” created by its manufacturer. It can about be the case that the drivers installed on your arrangement are either out of date, incorrect or damaged. To boldness this, you’re best either afterlight – or apparent reinstalling – the drivers. To do this, there are two methods (one of which is added of a “soft” amend and the additional is a absolute reinstall of the driver)…

  • Method #1 (Soft Amend – Acerb Recommended For Inexperienced)
  • The aboriginal footfall is to download the latest adaptation of your built-in cartoon driver
  • Since Windows 7, Microsoft accept been very acceptable at befitting cartoon drivers 100% up to date – acceptation in a lot of cases – your drivers wil be adapted already
  • Irrespective of this, you will ambition to browse to the manufacturer’s website and admission a new copy
  • From here, let the disciplinarian download and install it – this will ensure that you’re active the a lot of up to date adaptation

The a lot of important affair to acknowledge with

  • Method #2 (Complete Reinstall – Advanced *Only*)
  • Browse to Google and attending up “DDU” (stands for Display Disciplinarian Uninstaller)
  • If you acquisition “Guru3D.com”, bang it (should be top listing)
  • Download DDU to your system
  • Save any plan you may accept accessible (you’ll charge to restart your system)
  • If application Windows 7, restart your PC, hit F8 afresh on your keyboard and baddest “Safe Mode with Networking” if the “Advanced Boot Options” agenda loads
  • If application Windows 10, bang on the “Start” menu, baddest the “Power” button, authority SHIFT and afresh columnist “Restart”. This will accompany up the dejected “Recovery Environment” screen, from which you charge to bang “Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart” (select “Safe Mode with Networking”
  • Once in “Safe Mode”, amount up DDU and columnist “Clean And Restart (Recommended)” — top button
  • It should abolish the basal cartoon disciplinarian on your arrangement and afresh restart the OS
  • Afterwards restart, Windows will acceptable alpha to try and administer its own cartoon disciplinarian afresh (which is fine)
  • You may ambition to browse to the manufacturer’s website to download the latest disciplinarian for your card

The point of this is that if you’re experiencing issues with the way in which the video playback on Facebook works, it could be that you accept an affair with the basal disciplinarian for your cartoon card. Re-installing the disciplinarian (or just afterlight it) gives you the adeptness to about bypass it as a problem. To amend the driver, you can use the accomplish below:

  • You’ll about accept one of three types of cartoon agenda – ATI (now AMD), Nvidia or Intel
  • Depending on the agenda you have, browse to the manufacturer’s website (just Google them) and afresh attending for the “Downloads” / “Drivers” section
  • From here, a lot of of them will accept some array of “selection” action through which you’re able to aces your OS, Agenda and added specs
  • Afterwards this, download the disciplinarian to your arrangement and install it

3. Toggle “Hardware Acceleration” in Chrome

If the aloft two accomplish accept no impact, the next footfall is to toggle the “Hardware Acceleration” settings central Chrome.

This basically allows the browser added admission to the GPU on your system. I’ve dealt with a ample amount of systems in the past, which had “video” issues acquired by the accouterments dispatch advantage central the Chrome browser. To ensure this is not a botheration which is present on your system, you’ll ambition to chase these steps:

  • Bang into Chrome
  • On the top right, there is a baby “menu” button (3 vertical circles)
  • Bang on this to acknowledge addition menu
  • From this new menu, baddest “Settings”
  • This will accessible a new “tab” – from this, bang on “Advanced”
  • Annal down to “System”
  • Toggle the “Use accouterments dispatch if available” advantage (regardless of which position it’s in)
  • Close Chrome and reload

Afterwards accomplishing this, the browser should amount up again; whether it’s able to run the videos on Facebook is addition question. For 90% of the systems I approved this on, the video playback botheration resolved.

4. Amend Windows (if required)

If the aloft does not work, you’ll charge to amend Windows.

The way you do this depends on which adaptation of the arrangement you’re using. The acumen this is important is because if application as complicated arrangement as Windows / Chrome, what tends to arise is accurate applications end up with assorted issues that either anticipate them from loading properly, or accept conflicts central the system. To ensure this is not a problem, you’ll ambition to accomplish abiding that Windows is as up to date as possible:

  • In Windows 7, bang “Start”, baddest “Control Panel” and afresh baddest “System and Security” – “Windows Update”. Bang “Check for Updates” and let them proceed
  • In Windows 10, bang on “Start”, baddest the “Settings” figure (cog figure // larboard charms menu) and afresh bang on “Update & Security”. Bang “Check for Updates” and afresh acquiesce the arrangement to amend

Chances are that your arrangement is absolutely up to date anyway; the key affair to apprehend is that if you’re searching at accepting software-centric issues resolved, every bend is covered. I’ve had it afore that you may absorb hours/days aggravating to fix a problem, alone to ascertain that a individual “patch” is adapted to get it working. Windows updates are chargeless and acerb recommended.

5. Re-Install Any Visual C++ /.NET bales on Windows

If Afterlight Windows doesn’t work, you’ll ambition to re-install any Visual C++ /.NET bales that your arrangement may have.

Visual C++ is a section of software which Microsoft distributes as a “library”. This agency that added applications can be congenital “around” it (use it) whilst accepting annihilation to do with its development.

Windows is acclaimed for accepting issues with the assorted Visual C++ installations you may accept on your system. It’s either the case that the VC++ install could be corrupted, or missing – preventing assertive applications from activity properly.

To boldness this, it’s recommended that you “re-install” the assorted VC++ versions you accept on your system:

  • In Windows 7, bang “Start” > “Control Panel” > “Add / Abolish Programs”
  • In Windows 10, right-click “Start” > “Apps and Features”

From the account that appears, analyze any “Visual C++ Redistributable” bales that appear. Note them down on some cardboard or whatever.

After accomplishing this, go through the account and uninstall anniversary of them. This will not accident your arrangement – you can just re-install them later.

Once uninstalled, restart your PC and afresh browse to Google; seek for “visual c++ redistributable 2017 download” and bang “Search”. This will accompany up a hotlink for Microsoft’s website as the aboriginal link; bang it and afresh annal to “Visual Studio 2017″ – bang on whichever adaptation of Windows you’re active (32 or 64 bit) to download the installer. Run it and let it install.

The 2017 adaptation is the latest; acceptation you should not crave any others. If errors arise with assertive applications, you’ll charge to download & install the adapted adaptation of VC++ again. This is almost simple; if you accept added issues with it – you can forward me a bulletin directly. It ability assume complicated, but absolutely isn’t.

6. Anti-virus / Anti-spyware scan

This will not break the amount problem, but may advice fix a amount of abeyant issues with the amount of the system.

If you accept anti-virus software installed, run it. Let it accomplish a “deep scan” of your absolute system. If there are any viruses/spyware infections, let the software abolish them absolutely from your PC. This will not alone ensure you’re able to get rid of any of the abeyant issues that Windows may have, but aswell that if you do accept any infections – they are not interfering with either your arrangement or the way in which Chrome is running.

If you don’t accept any alien antivirus applications installed, you’re able to use the “Windows Defender” software which comes with all versions of Windows afterwards 7. To use this, you can chase the accomplish below:

  • Bang assimilate the taskbar (bottom of screen)
  • On the adapted “notification icons” menu, aggrandize the selection
  • From the list, baddest “Windows Defender” (should be a baby absorber icon)
  • If it loads, bang “Virus Protection” > “Scan Now”
  • Let the arrangement browse and afresh abolish any infections it finds

7. Restart Your PC

Lastly, the oldest ambush in the book – appropriate restart.

Restart the PC does a amount of important things. Firstly, it allows you to get rid of 90% of issues aural Windows (you’d be afraid at how abundant the arrangement depends on approved restarts). Secondly, it ensures that any of your applications don’t accept amount problems preventing them from loading correctly. This ability complete low level, but has the basal account of ensuring the arrangement is able to run as finer and calmly as possible.

The aloft (at atomic one of) should boldness 99% of the causes of the problem.

If you’re still experiencing issues – or abnormally lag with attention to Facebook’s video – you may accept accouterments issues (resource acceptance too top or similar).

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